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Dejian International Team-Building Visit----RecallingExtraordinary Times in Now Happiness

Dejian International Team-Building Visit----RecallingExtraordinary Times in Now Happiness

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Years and days, don’t forget the original intention


In order to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, review the glorious history of CPC, stimulate the work vitality of the party members and outstanding employees, strengthen their faith and beliefs, and push all work to a new level with a strong sense of political responsibility and historical mission, Dejian International OrganizedCPC members and outstanding staff representatives went to Liaocheng City on June 30 to carry out red tour-themed education activities.

With excitement, everyone walked slowly into the hall of the memorial hall, following the footprints of Kong Fansen. At the Comrade Kong Fansen Memorial Hall, in a solemn atmosphere, all the staff reviewed their vows to join CPC and presented baskets of flowers and cluster of cliff Inscriptions to the statue of Kong Fansen to express their deep remembrance.

Subsequently, under the guidance of the commentator, the team visited the six themes of "Working in Shandong", "Rack one's brains in Tibetan Snow Land ", "Contribute to the Qinghai-Xizang plateau", "honesty and integrity", "deep nostalgia" and "Commemorate forever". Precious photos, warm letters, and detailed work diaries reproduce Kong Fansen's growth from the son of an ordinary farmer to an outstanding CPC member and cadre, highlighting his noble quality of conscientiously performing his duties and painstaking efforts for the Tibetan people. Before his death, Secretary Kong went to the homes of the masses for investigation and research, truly proceeding from the reality of the people, casting his original heart with warm blood, and carrying out his mission with his life. "Castle Peak buried loyal bones everywhere, warm blood sprinkled on the plateau" is the best portrayal of his life.

Through this visit and study, everyone has a deeper understanding of Comrade Kong Fansen's work style of coming from the masses to the masses, going deep into the grass-roots level, conscientiously listening to the voices of the masses, and caring for the sufferings of the people and willing to be public servants of the people. Comrade Jin Haiyang stressed that it is necessary to go deep into the front to conduct research, ask the truth, listen to the real, blush and sweat, never skim anythingon the surface in a hurry, do not say high-sounding words, and find out all aspects in a down-to-earth manner, so as to facilitate accurate decision-making. In our future work, we will certainly carry forward Secretary Kong's spirit, put Comrade Jin Haiyang's requirements into practice, work conscientiously, take the initiative, come from practice, go to practice, and form a habit of investigation and research. to raise the overall work to a new level.



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