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Dejian International carried out the activity of “Accept the Horizontal Challenge and Solve the Problems Vertically”

Dejian International carried out the activity of “Accept the Horizontal Challenge and Solve the Problems Vertically”

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In order to thoroughly implement the core goal of high-quality development proposed by the Board of Directors of Dejian Holding in 2020, improve the system construction, consolidate the foundation management, create a good atmosphere for finding and solving problems, and promote the management of Dejian Holding to a higher level.On June 15, Dejian International issued the Implementation Plan of “Accept the Horizontal Challenge and Solve the Problems Vertically”, carrying out a series of activities.


This horizontal activity mainly focuses on the improvement of the working ability of each department of the company. The deputy general manager and each department are carrying out the appraisal activityof every two months, which will last for 6 months, aiming at enabling each department to find the correct position and improve their quality in their daily work, so as to guarantee the work of overseas engineering branch companies and project departments. The vertical activity mainly focuses on the five crucial topics that put forward by Holding Board “Focus on optimizing the overall business layout, Improve the corporate governance system, Improve our ability ofcapital operation, Strengthen the talent team building, and Prevent and controlsignificant operational risks.”Focus on finding the outstanding problems restricting the development of international companies, carry out research and discussion activities from multiple perspectives, such as sending questionnaires and having an informal discussion, and identify major, outstanding and urgent issues for the company’s future development to overcome.


So far, more than 160 questionnaires have been received, and more than 2,000 Suggestions have been received. The Enterprise Strategic Development Committee has analyzed and discussed in detail the issues raised by all people, and determined several major topics and gradually solved them.

This activity, is for the purpose of the comparison and overcome key issues as an opportunity to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of each department. In this way, the upsurge of competing work quality among various departments is set off, and the key, difficult and blocking problems that hinder the high-quality development of the company are eliminated, so as to further release the new momentum for business development.




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