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CMT No.21 Visited Zambia Branch to Carry out COVID-19 Prevention and Control Training

CMT No.21 Visited Zambia Branch to Carry out COVID-19 Prevention and Control Training

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On the morning of September 6, local time, China medical team No.21 visited Zambia Branch to carry out COVID-19 prevention and control training. The management staff participated in the training.

First of all, Mr. Wang Hongbing, General Manager of Zambia Branch, warmly welcomed the arrival of the medical team and introduced in detail the protective measures taken by Zambia Branch against COVID-19.

Subsequently, Doctor Guo of the medical team explained the treatment plan for COVID-19 based on the actual cases of Chinese infected in Zambia. Doctor Ma of the medical team popularized the basic knowledge of COVID-19 to our company, and proposed that attention should be paid to hand hygiene and disinfection while wearing masks. Effective protection could prevent the Coronavirus from damaging us. Then, the experts of the medical team interacted with our management staff to clarify queries and patiently answered the questions raised by our management staff.

Finally, Zambia Branch presented the banner of “Experienced shills and benevolent, Noble ethics warms people’s heart”, expressing gratitude to the medical team for their concern and help.

Through this training, we have gained a more scientific understanding of COVID-19, further enhanced our awareness of self-protection during the Coronavirus pandemic, and strengthened our staff's confidence in surviving the pandemic smoothly.



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