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Deeper Localization Management to Enhance Competitiveness -The Oath MeetingHeld Successfully by Shandong Dejian International

Deeper Localization Management to Enhance Competitiveness -The Oath MeetingHeld Successfully by Shandong Dejian International

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On the afternoon of February 3th, Dejian International held an activity oath meeting for the year of Localization Construction in order to improve the enterprise's core competitiveness in the overseas market, reduce the project cost, better integration into the local society, and improve the company's overseas localization management, in the conference room 2311 of Dejian Holdings Headquarters. Mr. Xu Hongfeng, Vice General Manager in charge of construction and production hold the meeting, Master Li Ruiguo, General Manager, made a conclusion, and all department managers and above attended the meeting. The key persons in charge of overseas branch and son-company participated by online video system.

At the meeting, the Notice on Carrying out the Year of Better and Develop Localization Management and the Goal of Advocating Localization Management were read out first, defining the purpose, implementation plan and requirements, objectives and results summary of the year of Localization Management.

Master Li Ruiguo stressed that the implementation of localization management at the company management level in 2021 is to make overseas branches deeply realize that localization is one of the important means to promote the development and growth of the company's overseas business and improve the core competitiveness of the market in the conclusion. With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, project contracting enterprises are faced with increased additional cost of project implementation, revocation of visas, reduction of flights, obstruction of personnel movement and so on. Good localization system and its efficient operation can cope with the increasingly fierce market.

   Furthermore, He put forward five requirements: first, change ideas and understand the importance of localizationcorrectly. In each and every country, we do not plan for three or two years, but the company operation continues for long time aiming to turn our company into a local enterprisetruly; second, all overseas branches and offices should establish a localized employment management system that is "tailored in schneider". Make clear the maneuverability and effectiveness of management, and incorporate localized staff into our system in the aspects of recruitment, training, performance appraisal, etc.; third, we should improve the employment rate of local senior managers. Senior managers are used to promote the localized employment rate of low-level manual workers. At present, most of our local employees are low-level manual workers, which leads us to be unfamiliar with local laws and regulations and local customs, to have an in-depth understanding of the local investment environment, public opinion and public opinion, and to communicate effectively with the same industry organizations and the public, which makes it difficult for us to integrate into the local society. It is necessary to gradually increase the employment rate of local senior managers and truly achieve localized management; fourth, to improve personal quality, increase understanding of local culture, reduce cultural differences, and at the same time seriously learn language and reduce language barriers, overcome the problem of poor communication, which is also the biggest obstacle restricting the landing of the company's localization indicators. Fifth, actively exchange and share the experience of internal localization management, overseas institutions with deficiencies in localization management should take the initiative to communicate internally, absorb strengths, abandon traditional ideas, and let localization work be heard.

Finally, Master Li stressed furtherly that all relevant departments and overseas institutions should fully understand the importance of localization construction and regard this work as a necessary, long-term and even major event related to the survival of enterprises in the national market. We shall implement and carry out the localization construction work well.