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Different Styles of Chinese New Year Celebration—How Dejian People Celebrate Spring Festival Overseas

Different Styles of Chinese New Year Celebration—How Dejian People Celebrate Spring Festival Overseas

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It's Spring Festival again, a time for family reunion. Spring Festival can always strike the most affectionate chord of Chinese people. Although working in a foreign land, Dejian people still celebrate Chinese New Year in their own way. Let’s approach them and feel their “unique” Spring Festival together.


PlentifulSpring FestivalCelebrationswithCovid-19 prevention FirstZambia Branch

To strictly control covid-19 and ensure a safe and sound Spring Festival, Zambia branch, in addition to greeting the new year through traditional celebrations such as dumpling making and reunion dinner, mainly focuses on the epidemic prevention and site safety. Furthermore, Zambia pays close attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and regularly conducts psychological counseling for employees of various projects, so as to alleviate the negative emotions and homesickness of employees to the greatest extent, to ensure that employees spend a peaceful Spring Festival.

Celebrate Chinese New Year in a Foreign LandAlgeria Branch

In order to mitigate the pressure brought by COVID-19’s continued spread, Algeria branch specially organized lottery draw activities for workers on New Year’s Eve, and presented new clothes wishing for a brand-newappearance for a new year.In the evening, the company prepared a new year feast during whichpeople toasted to and shared heartfelt emotions with each other. The warmth of the festival and the friendship cultivated overseas are sublimated at this moment.

Welcome New Year and Embrace New HopeSouth Sudan Branch

Thenewly built staff base in South Sudan was finally finished as the Spring Festival comes. On this joyful day, the South Sudan branch organized a variety of activities to welcome the new year: cleaning up, pasting Spring Festival couplets andhanging red lanterns to dress up the new base and welcome the new year. Workers drink wine and dinner together. Aring throwing for gift winning game was also carried out toencourage workers to strive with hopein the new year. These warm-hearted activities make workers do not feel alone anymore even in a strange foreign country.

Different Spring Festival but Same ReunionDechuang Europe

In order to create a New Year atmosphere and spreadChinese traditional New Year culture, Dechuang Europe held a series of themed activities. Chinese and Romanian employees decorated officesjointly through pastingtraditional Chinese character 福(Fu)andcouplets, hanging red lanterns and Chinese knots also with some balloons and ribbons commonly used in western festivals. On New Year’s Eve, Romanian employees meticulously cooked andpresented Romanian family food on the Chinese New Year’s dinner table. What’s more, the company has prepared lucky New Year red envelopes for all employees. They watch the Spring Festival Gala, draw red envelopes and shared with each other their best wishes for the future.

Stick to Position and Keep upWorkingProgressSudan Branch

Due to the tight production schedule and heavy tasks, all the staff of Sudan branch are still busy working in their respective postto fulfill the contract successfully as new yearcomes. The continuous high temperature of 40 ℃ is testing the fighting spirit of “Dejian people”. In order to thank them for their hard work over the past year, the Sudan branch has arranged a new yearfeast and a stress relieving lucky draw game for workers to relax for a while and enjoy new year.

Welcome Chinese New Year as a Whole Family OverseasAngola Branch

Some of the staff stationed at the construction site were unable to return to the company's resident base for the new yearin Angoladue to the busy work and long journey.On New Year’s Day, the company sent representatives to the construction sitewhich is more than 200 kilometers from the base to showconcernof the front-line staff and present them holiday gifts. In addition, the company also gave holiday gifts to local employees in Angola. They paste Spring Festival couplets, make dumplings, share reunion dinner and make good wishes for the new year.


Colorful Chinese New Year CelebrationsTanzania Project

On New Year’s Eve, Tanzanian project held a special lucky draw activity for the staffof the 50km road project to celebrate ajoyful Spring Festival. All the staff participated and everyone won a prize. In addition, the company meticulously organized billiards and basketball shooting competitions. These simple but interesting activitiesnot only improves everyone’s competitive awareness, but also creates a strong “New Year” atmosphere.

Scientific Epidemic Prevention, Spend New Year on SiteZimbabwe Project

The HwangePower PlantProject in Zimbabwe has ushered in its third year overseas as the 2021 Chinese New Year comes. This year, all members of the project stick to the front-line and celebrate the new year on site. They make dumplings together, chat and play ring throwing game. The project tried best to create a home atmosphere for the staff on the prerequisite of covid-19 prevention. Zimbabwe project also invited local professional medical staff to publicize and answer questions about epidemic prevention so that everyone can protect themselves scientifically and spend a safe and sound new year.

Prevent Covid-19, Keep SafetyCambodia Project

Cambodia project has welcomed the first Spring Festival since its establishment.Instead of rest, they work hard to accelerate the project during the Spring Festival. On condition of epidemic prevention and safety inspection, they take short time off to buy new year’s goods, eat new year eve dinner, chat about home affairs, and watch the Spring Festival Gala together. Though workers here are not many, they create a strong sense of new yearceremony and flavor. Hope this young team will forge ahead and climb the summit in the year of 2021.

In addition, in Guyana, Latin America, there are also people from Dejian who are joyfully celebrating ChineseNew Year. Although thousands of miles away, they relatedto us on the most important Chinese festival. Wetoast and welcome the new year together!

The past year has been extraordinary. In the face of the epidemic test, Dejian people have fight together to overcome the difficulties. Although the epidemic has separated us from each other, we celebrate the Spring Festival and gaze the same bright moon. 2021, let’s be brave, be determined, and set off on a new journey together!



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By Wang Qian