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Sultan amorous feelings - the civilization that the sun lifts

Sultan amorous feelings - the civilization that the sun lifts

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Sultan amorous feelings - the civilization that the sun lifts

  Every day the leaping sun reminds us again and again that this is Sultan! Here you will feel the sun violent, mysterious and charming. It's too close to you, its light is too dazzling. At midday, walking on the beach by the Nile, the feet were scorched by the boiling sand of the river. Sultan calls it "the world stove".

  Sultan is the largest country in Africa, the large differences in climate, although the annual average temperature is only 21 degrees Celsius, but because Sultan is located between the equator and the Tropic of cancer, throughout the sun, it is one of the world's hot country.

  In order to cope with the stifling heat and harsh weather conditions in the sun, people have come up with various solutions. Sultan local, built adobe house, this house has no windows, surrounded by air, the heat is difficult to come in, put the mat on the floor, a person lying on the cool. Some people can not afford to build a house, with palm branches and reed put up shack, or in the shade under a tree.

  In Sultan, the sun is again covered with a mysterious gauze, the sun shining under the tall Pyramid, you can feel the vast land from sleep, awakening, awakening, evoking the whole process. So far, many ethnic art works in Sultan have been subject to the sun, where people fear the sun and love the sun more. It is said that in this country full of sun, four thousand to ten thousand years ago, Sahara was not a desert, but an oasis of vegetation. At that time, many tribes lived in this beautiful fertile soil, and created a splendid, civilized and developed culture. Many of these ancient cultures are based on the sun. In the us from 27 kilometers away from the site of Merowe Cary city and national key protect cultural relics in the tomb murals is Allah Buckley in the sun as the theme of drawing, here you can through the understanding of the sun, understand the long history of the ancient Egyptian culture of the nile......

  In Sultan, you will still feel the sun is charming. During my five years of working in Sultan, I have witnessed countless sunrises and sunsets. Each time I have unlimited imagination, each time it is a unique work of art. In particular, the serene, simple beauty of the sun, the red blood of life, from our nearest, living nile. Dressed in robes, wearing a cap with the Arabia man; a long cloth, very carefully under their own tightly wrapped from the top to, can only see the brown yellow face black eyes and slender hands of women walking in the bank, in the splendid sunshine is so simple and holy, let I exist for a long time.

  In the construction site, the golden sunset and roaring machinery synthesize a modern magnificence, the red of the horizon is getting thicker and thicker, and soothes us by the scorching heart of the sun, and treasures it in the good memory for the whole life.

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